Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rain for 8 hours straight

It was summer last week. It might come back later in the week just in time for Christmas.

The upside of all the rain is that I am forced to stay inside and sew - bugger.
The stitchery comes from Sarah Jane Studios - here's a more accurate link to them. (I have updated the link in the earlier post). There is a cute Autumn stitchery there too.
I discovered that the sashiko thread was too thick and when I tried to 'strip' it back to two or three strands it just fell apart. I went back to the old DMC thread.

The one impediment to sewing today was Lucy the Cat. Who tried sleeping on the ironing board on top of the half square triangles in process (notice the angry ears). Then she remembered the well-placed cushion on the sewing table.


  1. I just love these stitcheries, so sweet but couldn't find them on Sarah Jane's blog. Could you please let me know the link. Love your russian dolls too :)

  2. Hi Rachel

    Here's the more accurate link to them via Sew Mama Sew's blog:

    Really quick to whip up!


  3. PS Rachel ... thanks for the Russian Doll pattern. They were a breeze to stitch and v cute. I didn't click you were THAT Rachel (-:

  4. Lovely job on SJ's pattern, redwork is so easy, fast and satisfying!
    Very cute kitty you have!