Sunday, January 22, 2017

I Made Some Dresses

And I chose what turned into the windiest day in Auckland ever to photograph them.

It started between Christmas and New Year with this one -

It is Vogue 1496. I made it with the less low v neck, although it is still quite low. I think I also stretched the fabric around the neck when making it, so the neck doesn't sit as well as I would like. However, I will make this one again and I have some nice navy linen I might use. This one is made from a navy print rayon.

I then returned to good old Style Arc patterns for two more Adeline Dresses (above) and one more Mary Shift Dress (below).

I also made two dresses for Lucy the niece. She chose the fabrics - one is bright pink with orange spots and the other blue with flowers and butterflies! I forgot to photograph them before gifting them.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

I Finished the Blue Rings Quilt

So here are some clothesline photos taken on a cloudy and very humid Auckland morning -

Friday, January 13, 2017

I Did Some Quilting

From the start, I knew this one was going to be hand quilted. Mainly because it's small and it's already partly hand stitched. I finally got around to watching that Sarah Fielke hand quilting video that people talk about. The quilting towards you idea is new to me. I think with her method you get better stitching on the back - stitches you can see rather than just dots.

I am using a wool batting - mmm the softeness and the puffiness - Chenille needles (probably purchased from The Ribbon Rose in Mt Wellington) and some variegated thread made in Romania I bought at JJ's Crafts in Taradale a year or so ago. These three things make a great combination.

Nothing beats hand quilting. In fact, I think I am going to make start on my smaller and favourite works in progress and actually get them finished!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Finished the Blue Rings Quilt Top

Original name, I know.

My compulsory job yesterday was pressure cleaning the deck and today's job was to get the back of the house's outside windows washed. When my compulsory jobs are done, the rest of the day is mine. I find it helps me get the sucky jobs done and it also makes sure I don't entirely fritter away my holidays. I just finished the blue rings baby quilt top.

I am pleased with how well it all came together. Initially I thought it would be so much easier to machine the curves, but I don't mind hand sewing. And it kind of slows things down. In a good way.


It measures about 97cm x 97cm. I have great plans to hand quilt it .... with perle thread.

I can see myself using this pattern again. Now to put all the blues and greens back on the shelf.

Monday, January 9, 2017

I Started a New Quilt

This one will be small. Just four 18 inch blocks. A baby quilt for a colleague. I hope it's not too serious for a baby quilt.

So far I have made three blocks -

As you can see, some sections of the rings line up better than others!

The pattern is called Ring Around and is in Kathy Doughty's Mixing Quilt Elements: A Modern Look at Colour, Style and Design. It is made using a wedge ruler and the sections of the rings are appliqued onto the backgrounds.

I was stumped for something original. Instagram is full of 'pretty' in style and colour quilts full of squares and triangles, or EPP. I guess one of the downsides of social media is the jumping on the bandwagon and FOMO which means people follow the trends to be one of the cool kids.

So far all of the fabric has come off the shelf, but I am out of 'dirty' blues for the backgrounds, so will add that to my shopping list when I go looking for a good quality and nice feeling blue solid. Maybe I will do that tomorrow. The joy of being on holiday.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

I Made Two Quilts in the Holidays

I rescued the big blue floral print from the sewing room at school where I thought it wouldn't be appreciated. I think it's quite old as it's barely 1 metre wide and it has a bit of a sateeny finish. I had been keeping it for another project, but when I saw Linda's version of Jo's Aunt Bet's Quilt, I knew I would be cutting into old bluey. I supplemented old bluey with two Art Gallery bundles from Moona Fabrics on Etsy - Indie by Pat Bravo and the loveliest feeling solids ever - Pure Elements, Citrus Shades. The rest of the fabrics were off the shelf.

I really like this style of pattern. I like that it's not too contrived - it has handmade look to it. The first quilt ended up more golden and green than blue.

At our final Monday Modern gathering for the year, Liz was giving away fabric and I took a piece of maroon floral furnishing fabric knowing I would use it for a second Aunt Bet's quilt. I also used the Art Gallery and the off the shelf fabrics in this quilt too. I added an extra row of flying geese to this one to make it a bit longer, and I reversed the second row of partial log cabins. This one measures about 1.7m x 1.6m.

The bins out the back proved to be a good place for taking pics.

I plan to send these out to be quilted. I don't have any more quilts on the go at the moment other than Botanics which is partially hand quilted. I would like to find other quilt patterns in this style. I do like the look of Catherine-Maree's Musu Quilts. While I look, I will get busy with some dresses for the new school year and getting the backs made for these two.

(Link to the pattern at Frankie and Ray - Australia).

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I Made a Pouch

It is a such a weird word when you say it a few times. Lots of words are.

As is tradition now at our Monday Modern Quilt group, our December gathering has a Christmas theme. We each make a Secret Santa gift which is then pulled from the Santa sack by a random member of the group.

This year I made the Sweet Child Pouch from the Sewing Loft. It was fairly painless. Although, there's a bit of an angle where the zip sits at one end. I do not like zips. I also put the hair ribbon up too high on the first pouch. I will gift that one to Lucy the niece for Christmas. She is four and won't notice.

I wrapped it up before I remembered to photograph it.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I Made Two [Mila] Dresses

I have had the Mila dress pattern from Style Arc for a while. I even have material stashed away I bought for it. After the relative success of the Adeline dresses, I felt like trying something new and pulled this pattern from the shelf.

I hadn't been to The Fabric Shop in Otara for months. My last fabric purchases have been at Drapers in Newmarket and The Fabric Store in Newton Road. I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the Fabric Shop on Saturday morning. They have 12 - 15 new season's rayons in stock. I restrained myself and bought only two lots, but am sure to go back for more! They are only $14m which makes a less than $40 dress. Can't complain about that. And that doesn't compare to the other two fabric shops.

I started with the pink as I love the navy and gold fabric more, so if I screwed it up I would not be too upset. However, it turned out ok. The skirt is a bit skew whiff (which I had to google to spell) though which you can see in the long shot. It's not so noticeable when it's on.

I tried it on when finished and decided to wear it to watch the horse race. She was not supposed to win - the race was only 1000m and she is better suited to longer distances and it was her first race of the summer season - but she did by a neck from a more favoured horse. So a finished dress and a horse win made for a good day.

Today, I made a second one. I lengthened the top of the sleeve by 1.25" for a little more coverage and I paid more attention to matching the notches between the bodice (weird word) and skirt. It is ironed and ready for a sunny day so I can wear it to school this week. It is a lovely fitting dress that feels nice to wear.

I have the Toni dress pattern on the shelf. I might try that next in black and white rayon.