Sunday, July 21, 2019


I found the perfect binding amongst my stash. It's brown with orange, pink and green.

The sun has been out today - for a change - so gumboots on and across to the neighbour's wall.

Once again, I didn't want to buy any more fabric, so used bits off the shelf to piece the back.

It's lovely and soft with the wool batting and hand quilting.

This week's progress photo is of the cleared out dining room and kitchen. The builders are moving inside this week. The sewing room is now a sewing room and pantry combo with the dryer in the corner. The spare room is now a room holding everything else that used to be in the kitchen and dining room. The hall is holding the piano and microwave. They better move quickly!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Aunt Bet's Quilt #2

School holidays have given me time to complete the quilting of another Aunt Bet's quilt.

I ended up using three different 8 weight threads. A light variegated pink and two dark reds/maroons.

Now to make the binding. I am thinking brown. Brown will hold it together nicely.

Here are a couple of updated house pix. The roof is 98% on. No spouting or gutters yet. I reckon about 75% of the weatherboards are on. The builders start inside the end of next week so I am off to see the kitchen people again tomorrow. I am sick of the mud. Not sure how I am going to into the house the day they do all of the concreting (-:

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Blue Equilaterals

I have had a picture saved for ages from Quilt Studio 22.  It's the lovely Texas quilt from 22 Oct 2017. I tend to have quite a few blues in my stash, so only bought a few white and blues to top things up.

In the original there are sewn in patches. And I was so going there with that one. But then it came to me last night - the 3/4 made quilt was hanging over the clothes horse in the lounge. I would go for a gold fold instead of patches.

I finished it this morning and will add it to the waiting for hand quilting pile.

And here is a current state of the house photo -

The footings are done, the framing is up and the scaffolding has been erected so I assume the roof will start coming off this week. Behind that timber and the skip bin, it is a bog! We are four weeks in, with eight to go.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Weekend Quilting

The weather packed in on Friday. This could be the start of winter. 26mm of rain fell on Saturday turning the half dug up drive into a mud pit! However, it makes for great sewing weather.

I am using a couple of threads. A variegated pink Valdani and an aubergine Eleganza. Both 8 weight which is my preferred for hand stitching. Anything fatter is too hard to pull through.

And here is the mud pit -

Thursday, May 30, 2019

... Aunt Bet's Quilt #2 finished.

I finished this one in the weekend. It was such a nice autumn day yesterday when I was home as part of the nationwide teacher strike, I took the opportunity to take some pictures.

I started with the light binding and then decided it looked better with navy, so continued with some navy fabrics. I think the navy fabric holds it together better.

I didn't want to buy any more fabric, so pieced the back from fabric in the stash.

Now to start quilting the first Aunt Bet's quilt! It's a maroon and brown combo.

And just so I can track and manage the process, the builders started on the house this week. The previous owners (15 + yrs ago) converted the carport into a room with the big window at the front. It's been leaking for years both through the roof and in two of the corners. I had an architect do plans and get consent last year. The quoting process started in January this year. I am taking the opportunity to re-roof the house getting rid of the 1960's decramastic tiles as every room has water damage on the ceilings. It's a 12 week job. We will see.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

... Aunt Bet's quilt. The quilting.

I am on a roll after finishing Junction Road and have started quilting the second of my Aunt Bet's quilts that I finished January 2017. Crikey, I didn't think it was two years ago. As they say on the Mainland Cheese ad, good things take time.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

... Junction Road Quilt

10 months after starting this quilt, it is finished! And it took all of about week to get the quilting finished after sitting one quarter done since last September.

Here is it hanging on the neighbours' wall this sunny autumn morning after a night on the bed.

It is quilted with a variety of threads - mainly Sue Spargo variegated ones. I do love the drape and softness of hand quilting and wool batting.