Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fabricworm in Real Life!

In the recent hols I got to shop in person at Birch Fabrics/Fabricworm in downtown Paso Robles, California! Really that was the whole point of the trip. Just kidding. I was in California with a couple of frolleagues (blend of friend and colleague) to present at the Visible Learning Conference in Carlsbad.

Anyway, we were at Birch Fabrics/Fabricworm just after opening on a Sunday morning. It's staffed by young, bright hipsters with dyed hair and tattoos. Not what I was expecting.

As you can see fabric was stacked and piled everywhere. They said they do about 100 www orders a day, but had recently had a sale on organics so were doing 200 a day.

I had a bit of a shop - always mindful of the 23kg suitcase limit though and I had already been plate shopping (as you do) at Anthropolgie in San Francisco. Fabric is a dead-weight. It came home in my carry-on. It hasn't been added to the bookshelf-o-fabric yet. It's still in a half unpacked state in the spare room. I look forward to creating my cousin Kelly's baby quilt from some of it though.

For more exciting photos (but not of fabric), I have added a few to the holidays page. Oh, and the conference was great. I have come home all re-inspired.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Half and a Three Quarter Circle

I have the final two blocks half done and three quarters done. I am at the stage of cutting and ironing more pieces - which is the bit I don't enjoy. However, without doing those bits I can't get to the bit I do enjoy - the hand sewing.

The half done strip has sat on the arm of the couch all week. Some days I come home and it's all screwed up on the floor. I wonder who is to blame for that? She does look a bit grumpy in this picture.

Meanwhile, five days left this term ... this half year. I have no idea where the school year has gone. In some ways it feels like we have just started the year.

I am off to present at a conference in the hols. The bonus is that it's in the seaside city of Carlsbad in California. The temperatures have been looking a bit average at only 19 degrees C, but I see it should be in the mid 20s by next week. No point going to California if it's not going to be warm and sunny! The only sewing related activity might be a visit to Fabricworm as we tiki-tour south from San Francisco.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Circle Game Progress

Now I am caught up with all the binding, I have been back to the Circle Game.

Two more blocks are finished:

And I am now working on the final two blocks.

They should be finished by the up-coming hols.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Grey and Green Plus Quilt Finished

Another long time WIP is finished thanks to Carol's quilting.

I see I started (and finished) this one back in May 2011. Back in the days when I used to pre-wash all of my fabrics.(And water-blast the concrete under the clothesline.) I think this was the first fabric bundle I ordered from Fabricworm.

The backing comes from Spotlight. The binding from Ribbon Rose in Ellerslie. And Carol Fearon quilted it.

This one measures about 185 x 185cm (72 x 72"). I liked it at the time, but now find the lime green a bit lime green. I don't dislike it though. It might just sit rolled up in a basket until I need it.

I was just thinking I was all caught up, but then I remembered my wool quilt and my stitchery quilt sit tops finished. They are hand quilting jobs though. As soon as I get my Circle Game quilt done, I might quilt them.

PS Everyone was so nice and positive about The One I Think I Ruined. Thank you! I think it comes down to it not turning out as I expected. This was why I hated art at Intermediate school - nothing every turned out as I pictured it in my head. I complained so much my parents would not let me take art at high school. The only reason I wanted to do art at high school was so I could carry round one of those big A3 cardboard envelopes! Instead I did subjects like typing, economics and Maori.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The One I Think I Ruined

I really liked this quilt before I quilted it.

I think the trouble with it is, that I didn't think about the quilting as a whole. I thought about each block separately, so I don't think that it comes together very well.

I started it in March last year and quilted in January this year. I has sat finished - apart from a few threads needing to be worked in - since then because I think I ruined it.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

A [Winter] Picnic Quilt

I see I started this quilt in July 2011! My cousin, Kelly, requested an orange picnic quilt. Well, nearly three years later it's done!

This one is mainly made with Jenean Morrison's Silent Cinema. The black/grey fine stripe came from the local quilt shop. And the backing is some old Denyse Schmidt on sale at Spotlight recently.

I knew I wanted food and eating words quilted into this quilt - hence, all the close ups so you can read them.

I found this old photo which shows how I put it together 3 years ago. It started with pairs of rectangles which I then sewed into rows. I remember the maths for the filler triangles was taxing! When I look at it done now, I should have finished the top and bottom row with more black because the zigzags look half done.

Finished it measures about 140 x 140cm (55 x 55") and the quilting was done by Carol Fearon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lucky Stars Finished

This one is a bit smaller than the bee trees, so the binding was done much more quickly than I imagined.

The Lucky Stars Quilt measures 148 x 148 cm - 58 x 58". I didn't want to enclose it in a coloured binding, so went with the background blue/grey with four smallish pieces of the brighter blue cut in. 90% of the fabrics came from Spotlight including the backing. This was one was also quilted by Carol Fearon. It is mainly ditch-stitched which I like because there is less quilting so the quilt is softer.

Lucy the Cat tested it as a washing quilt when I took it outside to photograph.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bee Trees Complete

Last April the Monday Modern girls made me some trees. A year later the quilt is done. It measures 180 x 147cm (about 70 x 57"). The trees are an Echino linen-cotton. The backgrounds are Spotlight specials as is the back and the binding. The quilting was done by Carol Fearon.

I have tested it and it works well.