Thursday, July 23, 2015

Meow Quilt

While I got this finished back at the start of June, I have had no where to photograph it as it's big and heavy, and the weather has been rubbish. I took it down to Hawkes Bay in the hols and took the opportunity to take some 'finished' photos.

I tried this location right out the back of the shed and was disappointed the baby trees had no top wire, so that didn't work!

So I walked on down the muddy track -

And found some bigger trees whose top wire I could borrow. A good southerly was blowing.

Job done. Ready for Lucy's 3rd birthday in September.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Windmills Quilt

This is the second quilt I have made from Sujata Shah's book, Cultural Connections. I don't think I have ever made more than one quilt from any other book I own. In fact, I doubt I have made anything from most of the quilt books I own! (Kind of  Just like most of my recipe books.) So Cultural Connections is a winner in my opinion.

I started this one a while ago - just after I finished my favourite pink toran (which has been gifted to baby Lily). I decided on Saturday I wanted to have a productive day so I made four simple school skirts and got the top of the 'windmills' quilt finished.

And then on Sunday, I got lots of quilting done. I used perle thread. Possibly I should have used a slightly thicker thread. I also experimented using a chenille needle, but found that hard going as the needles are quite thick and not very sharp.

I plan to channel my inner Red Pepper and bind in a black and white stripe.

Speaking of black and white, this is one of the skirts I made. I wore it to school today.

As per usual, bargain fabric from Designer Textile Outlet in Otara. Bought a while ago.

Friday, July 17, 2015

A Round Robin Starter

Our Monday Modern group is starting a round robin. Our first centre blocks are due at our August gathering in a couple of weeks. I thought I would get mine done while I have the head space (school hols).

First, I wanted something circular but thought that would be a real pain for the next person in the round robin, so I went with curves.

This hung around on the 'design wall' (ha!) for a couple of days until I decided it was too much like my Circle Game quilt. I think it's the black and white background fabric.

So I googled 'cool quilt blocks' and that got me to some paper pieced patterns, so then I googled some more and came across Bubblestich's patterns on Etsy. I was very tempted by the cow pattern, but went with this one because it's cool.

The only bird fabric I have in my stash is a tui print I bought for an 'art' project which failed. So it's a tui clock rather than a cuckoo clock. I look forward to seeing what develops from this start over the next six months or so.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Slow Sewing Progress

I have been chipping away slowly at my Botanics quilt -

Those inner curves are very tricky and those tiny holes inside the darker blue circles are even trickier!

I haven't made progress with anything else.

Linking up with Lee's WIP, which I haven't done for a long time.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Slow Sewing

I recently ordered a handwork project. And that made me think that I should do something with the one I have had on the shelf-o-fabric since before Christmas. 

So it involves tracing, freezer paper, needle turn applique videos on youtube, basting and quite a bit of finger pressing.

Roll on the school holidays. 5 days to go.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Binding the Meow Quilt

This 'Meow' quilt top has been waiting for just the binding for months! I found some bright blue spot in my stash and made a start recently.

I do enjoy binding. But I always think, I am nearly finished, and it ends up taking ages. Based on how long it took me to do one side, I reckon it will take about eight hours all up to get this one finished.

I plan to gift this one to Lucy-the-niece. Probably for her birthday in Sept.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Progress

Over the long weekend, I got six more 6 x 6 inch blocks made. I added them to the top of the section on the left. Once they were done, I joined the two large pieces together to get the bottom of the quilt top done.

I have just one section to go - six more small blocks (I am over them and am doubling up now on the easy blocks just to get them done!), one 18 x 18, and three 12 x 12 inch blocks. They will go right up in the top left corner. They definitely need to be a bit darker.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pink Toran Finished

This little one has been finished for a couple of weeks, but it's now autumn/winter so getting a semi-decent photograph is not easy as it's either grey, windy or rainy, or being Auckland, a bit of everything.

I like this little one lots. I like the colours. I like the linen-like fabric and I like the 'organic' hand stitching.

The idea and pattern comes from Cultural Fusion Quilts by Sujata Shah who blogs at The Root Connection. I have started another baby quilt using her book, so it's been a good investment.