Sunday, September 7, 2014

One Block Wonder #2

I am liking this Spring-like weather. But knowing Auckland, it will back to rain later in the week. And I am liking the arctotis flowers that grow like weeds year round on the sunny  side of my house. I hope they might grow out right over the lawn and then I will never have to mow it!

And I love the fabrics in this quilt. The green spot, the background and the animals feel like linen. The green spot is by Echino (I have it hoarded in other colours) and the animals are by Kokka. I did google mustaherukka, and apparently it's the Finnish word for blackberry.

Now if you fancy making your own giant star, the measurements I use are below.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

One Block Wonders #1

After weeks of very little sewing, mainly because of a new role at work, last weekend I was determined to get back to my sewing machine. I have been keen to make a bigger one block wonder for a while and I don't think you can go wrong with a 'star' quilt.

The three main fabrics came from the stash. And I was in The Crafty Needle looking for fabric for my second giant star quilt and came across the little grey and white spot I have used in the background. I quite like that I managed to put some random fabrics together and they look ok.

The quilt measures 48" square or 122 cm. It will probably go to Carol the quilter for as little quilting as possible.

It was too windy for Lucy the Cat to venture outside when I was taking photos, so she sat by the open window and the wind blew her winter mane around. And Mocha, the neighbour's cat who spends about three quarters of her day not at her own house, stayed inside in the sun. Smart kitty.

I have cut a second giant star and I plan to get more of it sewn this weekend. I am not sure how user friendly this one will be given three of the four fabrics are linen. However, it will look good!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Circle Game

I started the final two circles at least two months ago. Both were finished, but they weren't sitting flat so I had to unpick. The not sitting flat has been an ongoing issue with this quilt. I have my theories including by the time 1mm is added to each side of each pattern piece with the fabric folding over the freezer paper, the pieces no longer fit together as you would expect.

I am looking forward to getting the centre section of this quilt finished.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Frolic Quilt Update

The sun was shining this morning, so I took the opportunity to photograph the Frolic baby quilt outside.

Lucy the Cat came to assist.

This afternoon I started the quilting. I am using DMC perle cotton in ecru, #8. I started without the hoop but found it very slow and bunchy (as seen in the pic below), so I put the hoop on and have made better progress.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Frolic - A Busy Baby Quilt

Time is flying, so I thought I better get started on a quilt for my cousin Kelly's soon to be born baby. I don't know the gender of the baby. I don't want to know. I asked if there were any colours she didn't want. She said no, but that she had been drawn to aqua a lot recently.

I ordered a great bundle of fabric months ago, only for it to be stolen from the doorstep between the courier leaving it and me getting home from work. So I took the opportunity when I was at Fabricworm/Birch Fabrics in the hols, to purchase a new bundle of fabric - Frolic by Rebecca Ginda. It is kind of aqua-ish. Maybe more teal though.

This weekend, I cut it into 8" squares and some strips and then sewed it all back together again.

It was just under a metre wide, so I added a 4" border to it. And because I only had half a metre of that fabric, I had to add in some Frolic to make it go all the way around.

It looks very, very busy in the pics. I think it looks better in real life. I will take a whole quilt photo outside when the weather is brighter than it is today.

I plan on hand-quilting this one with perle thread - not something I have ever done before. I have always used the 'normal' quilting thread with the aim of having minute stitches. I am confident I will meet the start of October due date.

It measures 117cm x 137cm or 46" x 54". I like a size that will go from cot to being dragged around one day to build tents, etc. I hope it will have a longer period of usefulness.

Meanwhile, the final two circles of the Circle Game need to be unpicked and trimmed back because (again) they don't fit perfectly around the centre circles.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Question about Colour/Values

I think I have a collection of fabrics that are all, but for maybe two, of the same value. But I don't really know what I am doing when it comes to value.

Here are the fabrics in colour and in black and white - I read somewhere where that can help separate them into value ranges.

The only ones that look dark-ish to me are the flying elephants and whales.

So if they are all too similar in value, I am guessing this cool Boy's Nonsense Quilt won't work? Won't work at all? Will still look ok?

I bought the fabric to make a baby quilt for my cousin Kelly's baby. I don't want to add any solids. I don't want to make another plus quilt. I don't want to make a quilt of just squares. Etc, etc.

I will probably go with the Boy's Nonsense pattern, but I am interested in other (ie better!) ideas. Thanks (-:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fabricworm in Real Life!

In the recent hols I got to shop in person at Birch Fabrics/Fabricworm in downtown Paso Robles, California! Really that was the whole point of the trip. Just kidding. I was in California with a couple of frolleagues (blend of friend and colleague) to present at the Visible Learning Conference in Carlsbad.

Anyway, we were at Birch Fabrics/Fabricworm just after opening on a Sunday morning. It's staffed by young, bright hipsters with dyed hair and tattoos. Not what I was expecting.

As you can see fabric was stacked and piled everywhere. They said they do about 100 www orders a day, but had recently had a sale on organics so were doing 200 a day.

I had a bit of a shop - always mindful of the 23kg suitcase limit though and I had already been plate shopping (as you do) at Anthropolgie in San Francisco. Fabric is a dead-weight. It came home in my carry-on. It hasn't been added to the bookshelf-o-fabric yet. It's still in a half unpacked state in the spare room. I look forward to creating my cousin Kelly's baby quilt from some of it though.

For more exciting photos (but not of fabric), I have added a few to the holidays page. Oh, and the conference was great. I have come home all re-inspired.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Half and a Three Quarter Circle

I have the final two blocks half done and three quarters done. I am at the stage of cutting and ironing more pieces - which is the bit I don't enjoy. However, without doing those bits I can't get to the bit I do enjoy - the hand sewing.

The half done strip has sat on the arm of the couch all week. Some days I come home and it's all screwed up on the floor. I wonder who is to blame for that? She does look a bit grumpy in this picture.

Meanwhile, five days left this term ... this half year. I have no idea where the school year has gone. In some ways it feels like we have just started the year.

I am off to present at a conference in the hols. The bonus is that it's in the seaside city of Carlsbad in California. The temperatures have been looking a bit average at only 19 degrees C, but I see it should be in the mid 20s by next week. No point going to California if it's not going to be warm and sunny! The only sewing related activity might be a visit to Fabricworm as we tiki-tour south from San Francisco.