Saturday, January 29, 2011

Apple Cushions

I bought Kajsa Wikman's book 'Scandinavian Stiches' before Christmas. The cushions are the first project I have made from it.
I attached the apples using a bit of double-sided 'stuff' (no idea what it's called). I then sewed close to the edge around the apples using the smallest stitch on my machine. I think this technique is called raw-edge applique and I have not tried it before. My machine doesn't allow me to free motion stitch so there was lots of dragging around corners and pivoting. I think the back of the cushion looks quite cool with the outline stitching.
I made the apples' stalks out of black felt and used dmc thread to sew pips. I sewed bits of ribbon into the corners (so my cushions looked more like these ones).
Lucy gave up the feather and down pillow she had claimed - bought half price at Briscoes - so I could stuff the cushions. (Would love to find feather filled cushion inners as an alternative to those gutless ones filled with polyester.)
I moved the bird and cat wool cushions from the red chairs to the smaller couch. (My mum knitted those two homespun cream cabled cushions for me a couple of years ago.) And voila!
I am quite pleased with my efforts. I like the look of the raw edge applique with black stitching and the red and green on the linen.
(No idea why when I hit publish, all my paragraphing disappears today. I give up.)

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