Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grey and Green

I bought linen yesterday. 4 metres of grey, 1 metre of green (all that was left on the bolt), and 4 metres of a grey, white and lemon stripe.

I though the grey and the stripe would go nicely with this half yard bundle I bought from Fabric Worm last year.

And they do. They were cheap as at $10 metre and $2.50 metre. The stripe is a finer linen than the grey.
I do like shopping at Designer Textile Outlet in Otara. Yesterday's customers were an interesting lot - from the teachers and Mums shopping for Polyfest costume fabrics, the home sewers, and the trendy design student in her yellow dress, high high heels carrying her puppy round the warehouse!
I might make something like this ... Strips and Bricks V2.0. Not sure if I have enough variety in my fabrics though. Might just wing it and see what happens.

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