Sunday, February 13, 2011

Santa Sacks for Starship Hospital

My sweatshop goes into production starting this Wednesday afternoon for the next 10 weeks.

In reality, it's a module which runs for a term with Yr 10 - 12 learners who have chosen to sign up. And we are making Santa Sacks for Starship Children's Hospital. The lady I spoke with at Starship last year suggested it. They like to make sure Christmas presents are suitable for the children and this is hard to do when they are wrapped in paper.

This weekend I have put the kids' decoration packs together and made a trial Santa Sack. (BTW, I hate the name Santa. In New Zealand, he's called Father Christmas, but the alliteration works with Santa Sacks.) I took photos and have written step by step instructions for the kids. This was harder than it sounds as I know from past experience, kids would rather just ask what to do, rather than read a pattern!

I found Xmas material at $3m at Spotlight in the hols. And bought felt for $6m at Designer Textile Outlet, along with some Steam a Seam. My budget is blown already.

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