Sunday, April 10, 2011


Finally found the staples yesterday, so I got the biggest stool re-covered. The fabric has been sitting on it since the Xmas hols!
The stool was my Gran's. It used to sit in front of her dressing table. The middle one was my great grandmother's, then my Mum's - it used to live under a desk by the front door. The little one, covered in possum fur, belonged to my great aunt. She used to sit on it in front of the heater when reading the newspaper.
I like old furniture, especially old oak furniture. I like that old furniture has character and used to be in someone else's house. I espec like it when it used to belong to someone I know. I think keeping things in the family is important. My dinner set is my maternal grandparent's wedding china, my sewing table is an old oak family dining table, some of my cutlery belonged to my great great grandfather and my piano came out from England on the boat with the family in the 1860s.

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