Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ta da!

I love ta da! I love the scene in Amelie where Lucien uncovers the expensive groceries for Dufayel, "Ta da!"

Anyway, the Half Square Triangle Quilt is done. Bound, washed, now drying.

I can attest to its snuggliness, having fallen asleep under it on the couch on Friday night. Where it covered knees and feet.

I am loving the flannel on the back. I have not used flannel before and would use it again as it is super soft and snuggly.

On a less enthusiastic note, day light saving finished this morning. I forgot. Woke up at 7.45am and thought, I'll get up at 8. Bonus, when I realised it was still and hour and a quarter until 8.

I think day light saving should last all year. I don't change the clock in my car ever - it stays on day light saving time because I know it will come round again.

Now day light saving is over and it is April, I might have to admit it's autumn. But I am still wearing short sleeves, so I don't think I have to admit anything just yet. Ask me after a week in Hawkes Bay and I will probably be ready to admit it is autumn. Bugger.

But I suppose summer can't last forever. If it did, we wouldn't appreciate it or have anything to look forward to when it rains every day in July!

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