Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tornado Warning

Yesterday's glib reference to tornado-like winds reminded me of our California road trip last year.

We had stayed the night in Kingman, AZ (at a motel where breakfast was included, which was a bonus and saved us from eating petrol station breakfast!) and were driving to Williams along the I40. The weather was horrible. We started to hear tornado warnings on the radio. Got to Williams and checked at the visitor centre where we were told not to go any further because of the tornado warnings, rolled trucks, etc. By now the warnings were every 5 minutes on the radio. It was quite spooky.

We hung around Williams for about an hour and a half and the weather lifted a bit, so we made the decision to drive on towards the Grand Canyon.

To get to the Grand Canyon you drive on a long straight road for about an hour and a quarter. All the time we were thinking, 'Have we done the right thing?' and, 'What do we do if we see one coming?' The warnings continued!

Fortunately we did not encounter a tornado, but we did encounter freezing cold rain and wind at the Grand Canyon. It ruined our goal to wear jandals all day, every day!

But then the sun kind of came out, and even more importantly we found a somewhat life-sized Smokey Bear to have our photos taken with. We had been looking for one our whole trip.

It's good to have goals.

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