Sunday, June 26, 2011


It's been a non-sewing week because of being sick, being super-busy at school and being dead tired when I get home.

However, these cushions are belated 21st birthday presents for a 21st I was supposed to attend last Saturday when I was sick. One is quilted. One is not. Might get it done today. I bought the red spot for the background at Spotlight yesterday. They have quite a collection of modern fabric at the moment.

The cushions were a chance to experiment with the Log Cabin block. I learnt that yes, you do have to keep going round in the same direction to keep the centre in the centre! I used some Shannon Lamden fabric for the centre blocks.

And this morning I have whipped up Christine's Carrot Cake as I owe the PE Learning Area for borrowing their COW (Computers on Wheels) for three days last week. I will cream cheese ice it when it cools - it is fresh out of the oven in this picture.

Oh, and I am well again. Just a very occasional cough and slightly deaf ears left.

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