Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tree-ing not Sewing

I still haven't felt inclined to quilt, but that didn't stop me from calling into Spotlight's 40% off sale last Monday after school. I try to not shop at Spotlight because it is unclean (gum all over the carpet that is held down with duct tape), chaotic and the two senior fabric ladies are loud and opinionated. However, a bargain is a bargain.

I don't think you can ever go wrong adding more red, blue and green to one's collection. And I just liked the look of the orange one. Red, blue and green are all great baby quilt colours. I feel like making another baby quilt, but don't know anyone having a baby. I like making baby quilts - they are 8 week projects rather than 8 month projects like queen sized quilts.

It hailed on Monday right on 3.15pm hometime. It was soooo cold the hail didn't melt. It sat all over the learning park at school and looked like snow. Some children made hail angels and hailballs. (I remember making my Colorado classes pose in the snow for class photos!) By the time I got home 45 mins later, there was still hail sitting in the bird's nest fern.

Instead of sewing, I have been family tree-ing lately. It's an interest I have had since I was a teenager and I get all keen every so often. My Gran's cousin remembers everything and everyone from her mother's generation and last hols showed me and Mum her treasure trove of old clothes such as her mother's christening gown, old chemises, etc. Her mother, Laura, was born in 1883. Recently, we heard from a descendant of my great great grandmother's half sister and he has since been to visit my Gran's cousin.

My great great grandmother, Margaret
Miller Harding, and her daughter Laura.

My mum's side of the family has been relatively easy to find out more about because a lot of big trees already existed, the families made names for themselves (were self-apppointed mayors of small towns, were large well-known families in colonial NZ's small towns, were wheelers and dealers, etc), we have lots of photos, and because people like my Gran's cousin have memories like elephants. However, my Dad's side is virtually unknown - his grandparents died before he was born. I always thought my Nana only had two brothers and one sister as they were the only ones we ever met at family functions. Turns out she was one of nine. And possibly her father (who was already married) ran off with her mother (who was also already married) to come to NZ from Australia! Exciting. I wonder why we never met the 5 other siblings - most of them seem to have lived in the same part of NZ. I have now found my Great Grandfather's family in Australia, so look forward to finding out more.

Meanwhile, it's a lovely sunny day here today. Very Spring-like ... it is mid-August after all.

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