Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shopping and Eating in Hawaii

Because we'd both been to HI before, we'd done all the touristy things like Pearl Harbour, Hanauma Bay, the North Shore, Circle Island Tour, Punchbowl National Cemetery, etc. So this holiday was spent shopping, at the beach, at the pool, lying around reading and eating out. Relaxing.

No trip to any state of the US is complete without a trip to Walmart. We probably spent 90 mins wandering around Walmart marvelling at things like the 'wikimop' - a mop you wear on your feet so you can walk and clean the floors at the same time - giant gatorade and giant milk and the pyjama jeans.

We got The Bus out to the Waikele Outlets for bargain shoe shopping. Made at least three trips to Ala Moana - the world's largest outdoor mall a mere 1 mile from our hotel. And visited Nordstrom Rack at the Ward Centre. Clothes, shoes and cosmetics are soooo cheap in the US - about 1/3 of what we pay in NZ.

We made the obligatory trip to the Cheesecake Factory - ginormous meals and about 30 types of cheesecake! I had white chocolate, caramel and macamadia nut cheeesecake. Almost overwhelming. It's the kind of place you can only go to once in the holiday.

My favourite pudding place is The Coldstone Creamery. I love icecream, so love Coldstone where I choose my icecream flavour and they chop and mix and moosh other ingredients into it. Mine had banana, caramel and nuts in it. Here is a photo of my $7US icecream!

We also loved California Pizza Kitchen and ate there twice.

And at the airport on the way home I ate at Pinkberry where I chose my frozen yoghurt flavour and then the toppings. I like it when yoghurt does not taste like yoghurt but tastes like icecream!

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