Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am not sure I can call it gardening when I all have done is remove trees and plants. I should have taken a before photo so you could better appreciate my mega-effort. I managed to get all but one big long bit of tree trunk into the skip bin. I have given up trying to saw that into smaller piece so will drag it down into the 'forest' out the back.

I now have a really good view of the back of the neighbour's house and shed - blah. Weirdly, there is a paved patio area to the right of the red rose on my side of the fence - I am not sure who would sit out there where all the neighbours can see you and you have a view of the carport!

I am looking forward to replanting but need to be smart about it so it's low maintenance and it costs me about $150. I am thinking about three red flowering Manuka at the back, then maybe some small coloured flaxes and then grasses in front. I really should waterblast the fence before I do anything!

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