Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nothing About Quilting and V Cheesy

The big kids finished school on Tuesday, so we had our final Whanau (like House but with more heart and a more 'whole child' view) Celebrations Tuesday after lunch.

As is tradition during our celebrations, our Yr 13s were presented with their lolly leis by our Yr 9s and then the Yr 13s sang us their song. After that I got thanked and got presents. I was v surprised.

They gave me a giant photo of themselves to hang on the Commons wall, flowers, a teddy bear and the best homemade truffles ever.

Here's me having to pose for a photo with my giant photo of them. (The mess on the floor came courtesy of their party poppers at the end of their song!)

Here are my flowers on my desk at school.

And here is the bear. I am looking for the symbolism in being given a bear - what does it mean?
In your day to day teaching life you do what you do. (I certainly don't think I am changing the world.) It always surprises me when kids speak about the impact of what you do or of you. Earlier in the week a Yr 12 girl came to see me to say thanks. She had been reading her old Yr 10 reports and now realised that even if her family didn't care, I did.

So this week has been a good reminder of all the good, the fun, the love and the growth in kids that is really part of my job - I just don't always remember that.

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