Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hatched, Patched and Ready for Dispatch

After a year, this is finished. It's now hanging in the hot water cupboard drying so I can get it in the mail to Mount Gambier. (I got the girls' journals in the mail this morning.)

It's a Hatched and Patched design from the book, The World As it Should Be. I used an old wool blanket, an old green wool jacket and felt scraps for the central picture. The fabric is left over strips from the Wedding Quilt - Prairie Paisley.

The binding I love. It came from the local patchwork shop - The Crafty Needle in Manukau. I decided to use it on the bias to mimic the cross hatch quilting. I also love cross hatch quilting! And I finally got to attach one of my 'new' labels I got months ago. I feel it's been months since I actually got anything fininshed.

Now it's back to quilting the Little Patchwork Village Quilt. I thought I was much closer to the end than I really am. However, perfect quilting weather - rain. And perfect office moving weather. Got my new office 90% set up this afternoon.

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