Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flower Picking

I have been back in Hawkes Bay for five days. My cousin, Kelly, got married on Saturday. On Friday, Kelly and her Mum came to pick flowers for the tables from my Mum's garden.

On Thursday the temperature was 31 degrees - about as hot as it gets in summer in New Zealand. On Friday it was raining and 13.

The cold snap was only a snap. And Saturday was beautiful day.


  1. Wow Karyn, your Mum has a stunning garden, so much colour! Glad to hear the weather came right again for Saturday, what a mixed up summer it has been all over the country.

  2. I think my mum would love your mum! She too is a keen gardener but only has a small garden these days. Those dahlias in the last shot are gorgeous - glad it wasn't raining for the wedding.