Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quilting Lines

Just for a change, I thought I'd crosshatch this quilt. Using 3 inch squares. Was confident I would get it finished by the end of March. Not so much now.

I really had no other ideas for quilting it. I found lots of quilting stencils on line, but none of the big 14" block stencils really suited - they were a bit flowery and curly. I did find a cool all over honeycomb one though. I might purchase that for later use.

I would like to learn more about modern quilting - the actual quilting not just the quilts. From what I have seen on the www, it consists of lines, lines and more lines. Usually placed close together.

I should say what a breeze it is quilting this though compared to Cara's Quilt. This one only has two layers of fabric and wool batting rather than two layers of fabric on top, the wool batt and the flannel backing that Cara's Quilt has.


  1. You're right, Karyn, that modern quilting has a lot of straight line quilting. There are some folks that do free motion quilting. Check out Leah Day's blog for more on that. I think you can get this done by the end of March. Why not?!? BTW, love the cute little bird family in your log cabin block.

    1. Hi Nicole - thanks for referring me to Leah's blog!

      Wow! I think I need to let go, be more imaginative and use my ruler less.


  2. My goal this year is to learn/take the plunge into free motion quilting.Yikes, there I've said it haha. Straight line quilting looks great with some shapes but sometimes I want to do something 'modern' that is a bit more relaxed. Your handquilting is so lovely - I think the crosshatching is a great choice for the quilt you are working on.