Thursday, May 17, 2012

Made from the Heart

It's 3 Day Episode time at school where we 'suspend the timetable' for three days and kids opt into one of about 45 different three day programmes. I have a group of 13 lovely Yr 10 and 11 children, including three boys, and we are making baby quilts for Middlemore Hospital.

We achieved more in day one than all of last term during i-extend (module) time. Having big chunks of uninterrupted time makes a huge difference.

By the end of today (day two) we got one finished quilt. This one below is now finished.

The girls who have finished or very nearly finished took their quilts home this afternoon to show their Nanas and Mums. Cute!

One of the Design Principles in our 3 Day Eps is the Independent Learning Qualities. I have seen truckloads of perseverance and resilience (the unpicker is known as the 'untangler') and awesome collaboration.


  1. This warms my heart! I love to think about bringing new quilters into the fold. : ) Are you going to show photos of their finished quilts? Please! : )

    1. I have just posted most of the finished ones!