Monday, June 4, 2012

Ready for Quilting

Just as I get one lot of quilting finished, I need to move onto quilting the pink and teal HST quilt.

I ironed and masking taped the backing to the floor right side down.

Lucy the Cat then decided to get between the backing and the batting as I was cutting it down to size.

Lucy the Cat was then shut out of the room while I 505'ed the backing and then the batting. The last thing I needed was a cat with 505 spray on her feet. (She has had paint on her feet before as a result of jumping up on some doors I had taken down to paint. I had to catch her and wash her feet under the running tap before she started licking the paint off. Lesson learnt! Curiosity might well poison the cat.)

Now all that is needed is some machine quilting. I am going for straight vertical lines this time.

Oh, and here's a preview of the aqua binding on the wonky log cabin.

I like it!


  1. Naughty puss puss! Gosh your wonky log-cabin quilt looks stunning - I love the quilting and the binding.

  2. Aww, Lucy is gorgeous. Wow - I love your wonky log-cabin quilt.