Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quilting the Wonky Stars

I felt it needed more than the almost-in-the-ditch, so I am in the process of adding some 'twinkle' lines within each star. I am still using the grey quilting thread which seems to blend well. The end of the school hols have provided great quilting weather ... grey.

School holiday reading ... I have read The Cat's Table by Michael Ondaatje, The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey and La Rochelle's Road by New Zealand writer Tanya Moir. I liked them all.

The Cat's Table and The Snow Child had been on my wishlist at Amazon for a while, so I kindle app'ed them. Not long ago I said I would never read novels on screen, but the cost and the ease win me over every so often. I quite like paying $12 for the kindle version rather than $40 in the shops. And maybe if there was a proper bookshop near where I lived ...  However, if they are really good reads I still like to buy an actual book for my shelves.

La Rochelle's Road  I found on my parents' bookshelf. I imagine my Mum bought it to take on holiday (and never got around to reading it). I like to read NZ fiction. I like the recognisability of places and people. All three novels have thought provoking themes and storylines.


  1. Love your quilting! I've been wondering about The Cat's Table - I think I'll get the kindle version too!

    1. It's worth reading. Interesting characters.

  2. Hand quilting? This is lovely and if it is hand quilted, I am totally impressed with stitching through so many layers with the near stitch in a ditch!

  3. Beautiful quilt! I love how the stars interconnect. Your hand quilting adds a lovely touch.