Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sublime Stitchery Sampler

It seems black is the new red in stitching circles. That is, black work is the new red work. I am not quite ready for black work, so have taken the Hawkes Bay option and gone with navy.

It's a pretty funky sampler. I bought the pattern from Sublime Stiching. They have some cool designs. I am not sure what I will do with mine when it's complete. Maybe hang it on the wall in the lounge.


  1. Hi Karen. Thanks for stopping by my blog.:)
    Sublime stitching does some fabulous patterns.
    Happy stitching
    Regards Phillipa

  2. Very pretty! I'm beavering away on another Gerda Bengtsson and the simplicity of yours is making me jealous ;) I'm using my hoop as a frame, although that might be hard if it's a kit piece of fabric with not a lot of extra space around it.