Thursday, August 9, 2012

I might call it 'The Clash'

... not that I am/was a fan of The Clash. They were a few years before my time and I've never been into punk rock. I was (and still am) an Abba fan.

Anyway, I have been testing some options for my crosshatch quilt.

The top row auditions grey. The second row auditions the bluey-grey.

I feel the grey is too wishy-washy. It looks drab next to the bright colours and white. The bluey-grey fits in better. So I am going with the bluey-grey.

First decision made, now I wonder about which colour to put where?

I actually wonder about ditching the white altogether so I get a more cohesive look. It is difficult to judge when I haven't kept the pieces in proportion (- it's hard to cut up too much fabric for testing when it's $18 - 20 per metre). In the third option, I wonder about swapping the white for the yellow? I feel the 'colours' are too far apart to have the effect I am after. Or maybe I ditch the blue-grey for white? Maybe that's interrupting the look?

I took my million and one questions to Helen's and ended up with a decision! The yellow has gone altogether. This is where I am at now ... I think.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. This pattern looks awesome. Have fun with this! I like the colors you chose.

  2. You could always put the yellow back in - use it for the thin stripe instead of white if you are missing it. I think it will look great either way.

  3. I kinda liked the yellow,but I am a yellow kinda girl lately:) Sorry I am of no help. I like your colors you have chosen---so bold and pretty!

  4. I really like yellow too, but I think without it in this case looks much better. Although maybe Megan's idea of using it instead of the white could work ok. This would give the whole thing a more muted effect whereas I quite like the contrast of the white. Look forward to seeing some more of it.

  5. Isn't it crazy, sometimes, figuring out what we want to use? I like all three options - using both white and yellow, no white, or no yellow. Of course, I don't have the vision of what you're aiming at, so I'm no good for suggestions. Whatever you do though, it's sure to look terrific with the color pool that you've put together.

  6. Sometimes its so hard working out what colours/ fabrics to use where, isn't it!?! But I am sure that after all this agonising you will end up with a great quilt. It looks like you are on the right tracks...

  7. Aren't solids fabulous? I like the white.