Friday, September 14, 2012

In the Neighbourhood - Houses & Trees

It didn't take much to get the top finished - about .9m of white and a couple of hours.

I did make some changes and I screwed up the order of the blocks in the last row ... spot the two greens right under each other.

I trimmed 3/4" off the top of each row and 1" off each side. If I was to use this pattern again, I would also reduce the 2.5" strips between each house down to 1.5". I feel there is too much white space. I might not have felt the need to trim if I used a patterned or coloured background. However, I think it's a cute quilt. I think I will bind it with blue. I think I will also hand quilt it - I find machine quilting horribly stressful and too much like work. My shoulders end up around my ears! It measures 42 x 57" or 1.07 x 1.45m. It's a bit big for a cot quilt, but there is lots of tuck in potential.

Lucy the cat took up her usual spot on the ironing board to oversee the sewing, pinning and ironing. She pushes things off the ironing board that are in her way.

Totally unrelated to sewing, but this tree in my garden is the yellowest I have ever seen it. Normally, it's quite red. Maybe the leaves will change colour once it warms up a bit more and we get more sun. It's nice to see it come back to life after winter.


  1. Wow, it looks great Karyn. Are you going to quilt around the houses? Or...?

    1. No idea other than crosshatching the background. Ideas?

  2. It looks wonderful! I would never have noticed the two greens next to each other if you hadn't pointed them out. That pattern really grabbed my attention in the book but your fabric choices are even better! I have a Lucy cat too, though she looks quite different to your fluffy one - but she does like sitting on things :)

  3. It is my favourite one in the book. I have seen a couple of nice egs in the Elizabeth Hartman Flickr pool!