Thursday, November 22, 2012

Simple Blue and Green Baby Quilt

These pics show me that the fence needs a clean and paint. However ... the top is complete and with the darker fabrics I have made a strip to be pieced into the back. If I did this again, there are a few more fabrics I would take out of the top - they are still a bit too dark.

The quilt attracted Lucy the Cat all the way from her bed in the sewing room.

Here's a close up of one of my fave fabrics. It's by Heather Ross and has a linen feel to it, although I think it is just cotton.


  1. I think the top looks fine - but I know what you mean about photographs revealing patterns you hadn't noticed before sewing it all up!

    I LOVE that Heather Ross, but then I love all her stuff :) I wish they'd print the designs on quilting cotton as well as the linen/cotton blends, the details are so fine sometimes I think they get lost on the coarser weave.

  2. Sometimes simple quilts are the best ; ) lovely

  3. Hi Karyn
    I'm compiling a list of Auckland Bloggers here
    Hoping to do a couple of meetups next year and also introduce like minded bloggers to each other

    1. Thanks, Cat. Gret list. Some good photographers out there!

  4. So simple and yet it just makes me smile!!!