Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Four Cushion Fronts

I am so productive when I don't have to go to my paid job.

After some hand sewing to secure the visoflexed (I called it double-sided interfacing at Spotlight and the girl had no idea what I was on about!) letters, the fronts are done.

T is for Taryn, P is for Poppy, B is for Bridie and J is for Jayden - my cousins' children. If only I could find some white bobble trim, I could finish them. I do have a plan b if I don't find any white bobble trim, but it's still a week until Christmas so I will keep looking.

These are pretty easy to do. An absolute novice could make them. The main thing to remember is to print your letters out in reverse so they come out the right way on the fabric - most printers have this function. It took me four goes to get the P up the right way on the right side of the fabric! I used a small blanket stitch with four strands of thread on the J. If I did this again, I would make the stitches bigger because I think they look a bit cramped and uneven. On the girls' cushions I used a chain stitch with four threads. I think it looks a bit more girly than the blanket stitch.


  1. Lucky children! These look great.

  2. I hope you found the bobble trim but they look great without it anyways. And they never know what you mean at Spotlight, it's their 'thing'.