Thursday, January 24, 2013

Now you see it, now you don't.

The mystery mark wouldn't come out with anything. Not Frend. Not Nappysan. Not Kiss-Off. The fabric was starting to wear thin with scrubbing, so I decided to patch it. I appliqued a new piece of grey over the top and re-quilted through the top layers. No one will ever know!

It's probably a good lesson in not leaving quilts a year before finishing them. Taking that on board, I have basted the hexies. Not sure how I will quilt this one - probably, boringly, just out of the ditch and then something more detailed in the spotty border. (These fabrics never photograph well.)

I am not starting anything new until this one is quilted and bound.


  1. Great solution for your star quilt! You seem to be on a very determined quilting roll - I need to follow suit!

  2. They are fabulous. The sparkle is so pretty as are the hexagons ; )

  3. Wow, you really can't see where you patched it - great solution! Your hexies look great - can't wait to see this one finished up :-)

  4. What a great solution- I would never have known!
    Very impressed by your determination to work on your WIP's, I should probably follow your example.