Saturday, March 2, 2013

Linen Zip Pouch

I have my Noodlehead-esque pouch finished in time for our Monday Modern gathering. I didn't enjoy this at all. The linen was too thick, the half square triangles were too small, blah, blah, blah.

I nearly quit. I nearly threw it in the bin. I decided enough was enough and I left the back plain. I was making something that has no purpose (in my eyes) overly complicated.

I only started liking it when I could pull it all through the right way. I think it looks kind of nice. I totally saw this design on the great www - can't find now though. That sew-er obviously has more patience that me because she has two rows of tiny tiny half square triangles which continue onto the back.

If I ever feel the need to make a zip pouch again, I would def use this same pattern/tutorial. I just wouldn't muck around with embellishing the pouch.

I like it sitting in front of my newly-painted-blue front door. After 8 years of living with the 60's orangey red, I am loving Kenepuru blue from Dulux.

PS The pouch is lined with navy and white spots.


  1. It looks amazing Karen - I just finished mine now after a total series of disasters - got very close to the bin my end too!

  2. I like your design - those triangles are so tiny though, must have been very fidly. They look great though. As does your new door colour!

  3. The linen does look great with the chevron though. When I finished mine I wished I had kept it much more simple. Yours looks lovely.