Thursday, April 4, 2013

Red Hexagons

You'd think I would sick of hexagons, given my bright hexy quilt has been a W I P since about July last year, but I saw this cool hexy block recently and so ditched my plans for a Red Pepper inspired baby quilt and started playing with bigger, red hexagons.

I think I need nine 15" square blocks, so 27 red hexagons - just three per block. For the first block I used a cardboard template, but they were very hard to pin through. I plan to move onto using freezer paper for the next block - much easier to manipulate.

Stikes me, that this will be a good April school holiday project. Only 2 weeks to go.


  1. How fun! I started more hexies too. Never tire of them....

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  3. Red and White hexagon quilt? LOVE! What a great modern block too - thanks for the link to it!

  4. So pretty! Have fun with your new project.