Monday, May 13, 2013

A Small Forest

I received all of these trees (and more, but 9 makes for a good collage!) at our Modern Monday gathering last week.

I love that I got a real range of trees in shape and in construction. My backgrounds don't blend as well as I hoped they would. I will work on ways to put the blocks together. One idea is to sash them with more of the green. Not sure what I will do.

It was better than Christmas!

This month we are working on blocks for Louise using Tula Pink's funky  Nightshade and for Cris using bright solids.

PS Our Modern Monday group is planning a quilt exhibition in Auckland for September.


  1. These are awesome! love all the different trees. I haven't heard of Tula Pink before but that fabric! Oh My Goodness - amazing :)

    1. She designs very funky fabric. I imagined she's into tattoos!

  2. They look really great all together!!! and I think the slightly different backgrounds adds even more interest! Linda

  3. I like the different backgrounds. You could trim them to different sizes and put another border on each one in another pale solid if you want a less uniform layout, and the extra solid might make them feel more blendy - that's a new technical term I've just invented!