Thursday, May 2, 2013

My April Lucky Star

After sewing the wrong pieces together - because I was rushing - it turned out alright. Not my best work as the pink and grey points poke into the turquoise a bit too much. I probably just needed a bigger seam allowance.

And because I didn't get to this block in April, my May one has already arrived. I am going to try and get some bright green into the May one. I have only managed to use the bright green in one block out of the four I have made so far. I have also bought some darkish blue to use too.

In addition to sewing stars, I have signed up for an ironing board cover make and swap with Leonie of Sunshine x 3. Something different.


  1. I haven't made the last two stars - I've not been overly keen on them. Having said that, your star looks very nice! I'm looking forward to making the May star.

  2. I didn't like the whole cross in the background of this one, but thought if I stop I won't start again! The May one looks better.

  3. Wow - your blocks and sewing always looks perfect to me! Stunning! And ya for signing up - hopefully we all have fun!