Sunday, June 2, 2013

Red Hexagons

I got my A into G and got this quilt top finished this weekend. I quite like it.  Finished the top measures about 42 x 42 inches. Each little red hex is 4.5". I hand sewed them on. They still have the freezer paper in, but I plan to slash the back and remove it!

This is a budget ipad photo. I can't find my little camera - I remember putting it away before the school hols because I was taking my big one home to Hawkes Bay, but it hasn't turned up in any of my usual hiding places (like the teatowel cupboard, or the cake tin cupboard). And now I can't find the connection cord for my big camera. The big camera has pics of baby Lucy's finished pink coat, my work in progress hottie covers, and the quilts the girls made at school a couple of weeks ago during our 3 Day Learning Episode. On the upside, when looking for my camera I gathered all the papers together I needed for my tax return and I got that done as well this morning. I owe a big $17 as far as I can work out. Could be worse!


  1. This looks really cute- hope we get to see it tonight.

  2. Well I'm sure looking forward to seeing this finished : ) don't you hate it when you lose things too.

  3. Hope you find the camera! really looking forward to seeing this one finished :)

  4. The fabrics you've chosen for the hexies are really cute....I look forward to seeing it when it's finished too :))
    Ahhh camera's and lost cords!! such a pain isn't it. My big camera fell from the top of the bookcase ( was there to put out of reach of little hands) now that's broken, I am having to take everything on my video camera....definately not the same!! I'm trying to convince hubby that I need a DLSR :)) I haven't succeeded yet!