Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sewing at School

A few weeks ago we had our Term 2 3 Day Learning Episode. About 40 different three day programmes were offered. I had a group of 14 girls, mainly Yr 9s, and we made NICU quilts.

They didn't like hand sewing the back of the bindings down so they worked out a way to machine the whole thing down. Then they decided they'd like to make bags to put their quilts in. Then they spent a good while taking these photos (and lots of other random ones) on my camera. As you can see it was perfect sewing weather. Now they keep asking me if I have given them away - I haven't. Some still need a bit of 'fixing' and all but two need washing.


  1. That is so lovely! I'm sure they would have been so proud and you too!

  2. I bet they're proud! I think teaching kids to quilt is great - design, maths, sewing plus a sense of achievement. For easy machine binding, get them to sew the binding to the back first. Then it can be folded over and top stitched by machine to the front. My favourite no hand sew method! :-)

    1. Thanks for that tip. We will try it next time.

  3. I love that they made little bags to put them in! Great job, that wonky log cabin one is impressive!

  4. It makes me feel happy when I see young girls like these creating things. I hope they had fun and that they don't stop here!