Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Lucky Star

I think this is the July lucky star. I got a bit sick of all the solids ... good one, Karyn 5 blocks into a solid quilt ... so added some grey chevron fabric from the stash and then found some navy fabric too just for another colour.

I am feeling the love for mixy matchy patchwork at the moment. I think because I spend most evenings under this quilt.

This is the first quilt I made. Even though my tastes have changed, I love this quilt. I love the patchy fabrics and I love the feel of the quilting. I started this one in 2007 (finished it two years later) and I don't know if co-ordinated sets of fabric existed then. When I started this quilt, I imagined it would end up a pretty yellow, pink and blue quilt. I am keen to turn my lucky star blocks into a 'proper' quilt with blocks on point, sashing and big triangles to square it up.

Fortunately, for teachers, it's nearly the July hols. I am exhausted and cold sick - as I am at the end of every term which I am beginning to think is not a good way to live. Not sure how much quilting I will get done in the hols. I might make a start on quilting the red hexies. I might catch up on the June lucky star block - although it's proving tricky.


  1. Hooray for the holidays, from another tired and sick teacher :)

  2. What a gorgeous quilt. I love some of the pieces with flower shapes, and the colours are great.

  3. Lovely first quilt and, while our tastes do change,the "snuggle/buggle" factor of any quilt is hard to beat!!! Linda

  4. Its a lovely quilt and still keeps you warm :). Love the star block!

  5. I like your take on this month's star. Enjoy your rest from the noisemakers!!