Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Woolly Chevrons

I saw this lovely cushion on Helen's blog some time ago. I have been checking the Stitchsmith's website waiting for the pattern to show and last week it was there and on sale too. Yellow or blue, yellow or blue. In the end I went for the blue.

I haven't done long stitch before but figured it wouldn't be rocket science and it's not. Up through one hole, over more holes and down.

I love that it is made using New Zealand wool.

 I should be quilting quilts, but progress on this is so much more instant and obvious!


  1. oh this is gorgeous! I'd do blue too... though the colourful one is calling me!

  2. I'm doing an orange/yellow one but I'm only about 1/8 through! Liz is in my weekly stitching group and was testing them and so my canvas is blank and I need to colour it in as I go so it's a bit slower, still a great effect! The canvas looks great printed but I'm too far in to change now :) Helen was doing blues too but maybe a slightly different hue, can't remember. Looks great though!

    1. I'd quite like to do a black, grey, white one for my sister in law. I may have to do my own colouring in for it!

  3. oooh I love the colours too!! going to look lovely when its finished :)