Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sweet As Dress

I am sewing a little dress for Baby Lucy who turns one at the end of September. I purchased a downloadable pattern on Etsy from Sew Sweet Patterns. The worst thing about downloadable patterns is having to cut all the bits out and join them together. But I dislike cutting patterns from that super easy to rip tissue paper even more. What made the process less annoying in this pattern, was the double dots for matching up the pieces.

I bought this lovely Made in Japan cotton at Spotlight, Sylvia Park. Made in Japan at Spotlight ... what's going on?

The dress is reversible. On the other side I am using a green spot and a green stripe. So far, so good. I will come back to it next weekend.


  1. Ohh looks promising and such lovely fabric :)

  2. Is that a tiny little cap sleeve? Looks darling

  3. Little girl stuff is SO cute, I'm sad my little girl is too old for most of it now (even if she'd wear it). Spotlight also carries (or used anyways) a nice range of Liberty knock-off Japanese lawns. I was surprised too when I found them!

    1. I will make the most of it! Nephew Lucas' fave present is a book, so I will go with that for as long as I can too!

  4. Lovely fabric. I'll have to check out my Spotlight- haven't seen Japanese fabric there yet. I've just bought a dress pattern to make a dress for my 3 year old too. Cx

  5. Spotlight is doing well with fabrics at the moment (they must be spying on our blogs - tehe). I'm looking forward to seeing this dress finished - love seeing handmade clothes for kiddies :)

  6. Gorgeous choice of fabric and I look forward to see the finished dress....and yes Spotlight is starting to step up.....though still not enough jersey knits that aren't baby designs. I also thought last time I went they had far too many cute designs on white or pale backgrounds, which is sweet but not so practical for kids.