Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Binding the Herringbone Quilt

I felt very 'Pride and Prejudice' sitting in the ballroom at Highwic binding my quilt on Sunday morning. (I quite like the idea of living during that time. Then or with the Ingalls family in their Little House on the Prairie. Or with the Waltons on Waltons' Mountain.)

It's not a particularly well-balanced quilt. I decided the quilt was too narrow, so added an extra row and by then I had used up a couple of the fat quarters so I had to introduce a new one. Pretty sure the unbalancedness won't affect the snuggliness. I do like the backing and the blue binding. Job done.

I should get on with finishing the tree quilt and quilting the red hexagons at some stage. But it's almost the end of term and I am trying to get my marking finished before the holidays!


  1. It is very pretty Karyn - a lovely soft look.

  2. Yay for being done and I'm sure it will still be warm and comforting :)

  3. It looks lovely! I like that top pic too with Lucy (?) insisting the quilt doesn't get all the attention!

  4. Great job with the quilt...hmmm little prairie on the house days....Oh for the simple life. xxx