Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bluebird Square

I bought two layer cakes just before the September holidays in anticipation of making a couple of baby-sized quilts over the next few months. It feels like the first fabric I have bought online for ages. I was attracted by the colours, the rabbits, the hedgehogs and the birds in the branches. This fabric is called Bluebird Park.

I was keen to re-use the Leicester Square pattern that  I used for my summer quilt. But something went wrong because my centre pieces are rectangles and not squares. Oops. The quilt is square though - about 110cm x 110cm.

Here it is on the lounge floor testing out backing fabrics. The yellow was perfect until I found the flaw in it - a couple of small holes I didn't notice when I bought it ages ago at Spotlight.

I do love crosshatching, although I am not sure this would qualify as crosshatching because the diagonal lines are 6 inches apart. I also like the speed of machine quilting, but it's not as soft as hand quilting and I think too much dense machine quilting can make a quilt feel a bit stiff and not snuggly, so my 'crosshatching' remains at 6" intervals.

Since the yellow was not an option for the backing, I went online to see whether Spotlight was having a sale and yes, 40% off all quilting fabric. I bought teal spot for the backing and some Sarah Feilke teal fabric for the binding. They are perfect matches although the photo washes them out a bit.

Now to hand sewing the binding. One of my favourite parts of quilt making. I expect to have 'finished' pics to show before the weekend is over!


  1. Lovely colours in that fabric range - very soft looking.

  2. Lovely! I think I prefer the rectangles in the centre -adds interest.

  3. Oh this looks lovely! I'm with Megan - I like the rectangles!

  4. It's wonderful! A great use of the layer cake

  5. Looks great- looking forward to seeing it all done! Love that Sarah Fielke fabric you've used for the binding :)

  6. visiting from show and tell. I love it.

  7. This is so cute! I was just considering buying some of that line, but was having a hard time finding any projects done with it. And then I found this! Perhaps it was meant to be :)
    mls.bartholomew [at] gmail

    1. I think it's a lovely colour combo. Hopefully, gender neutral too!