Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Island Adventures

The closest I got to sewing in the holidays was buying a cushion someone else sewed.

But I did have an island adventure that included taking every opportunity to point out the '5-O' (just like on TV),

visiting the aquarium,

watching filming of Hawaii 5-O at the hotel across the road (we only saw the extras),

following a 'combat wounded veteran',

seeing the green mountains, 

taking a bus trip through a macadamia farm,

learning a bit of fire dancing,

taking a boat trip on a giant fish pond in a tropical downpour,

learning more about growing pineapples,

subtly taking a photo of a dog in a pushchair while in a shop,

waiting for buses,

shopping for moonshine at Walmart (kidding),

cooking up farmers' market apple-bananas to go with our pancakes and ice-cream,

eating quite a few of my favourite biscuits,

seeing a few hula shows,

and these $700 shoes!

And annoyingly, eating breakfast on the lanai every morning with this view.

Now it's back to reality and perhaps some sewing this weekend.