Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bread Making

A few weeks ago I bought a new stand-mixer. My old one was weak and annoying. The mixture would get all wound around the top of the beaters making a complete mess. So I did my research and invested in a Kenwood.

What a difference it has made to the brioche using a dough hook rather than my hands to knead the dough. So much lighter. Since I figure I have brioche sorted(!) I was keen to try bread.

I have many recipes bookmarked from I Heart Eating so searched the site for a bread recipe and decided to make 60 Minute Dinner Rolls.

I love that you put three small balls of dough in each muffin tin and you end up with a cool looking roll.

After proving, I accidentally brushed them with melted butter before they went in the oven, not after.

To save having to wash my muffin tins, I lined them with cupcake papers.

Yummo. I am hoping they freeze well.


  1. They look light, fluffy and fantastic

  2. I have a Kenwood too but I've never tried doing dough in it - which brioche recipe do you use?

  3. Oh my gosh, that last pic with the melting butter had me drooling!

  4. Yum - I can almost smell that warm bread. Nothing beats fresh warm bread with slightly softened melted butter.