Saturday, December 7, 2013

Father Christmas

I recently whipped up this for a now-not-Secret Santa gift for our final Modern Monday quilt group gathering. It's the second time I have used Noodlehead's tutorial. It's quite straightforward and the pouch turns out quite tidy ... and I am no zip expert.

No-longer-Secret Santa brought me this cute little pin cushion. I guessed it was made by Shelly because she has a thing for selvedges.

I think 'Santa' is starting to replace 'Father Christmas' in New Zealand. Ugh. I am trying to bring back 'pictures' in place of 'movies'. As kids we always said pictures. And I hate the word cookies in place of biscuits. I learn a lot of slang from the kids at school. "H n F, Miss. H n F." Hard and fast. Meaning, I will be back quickly if you let me go for a drink. 'Doorstepped' is another word I learnt at school maybe last year. It's when someone steals your shoes from your doorstep. Truly.    


  1. I remember going to the 'pictures' too. We have always said Santa though, and yes I hate cookies too, they are always biscuits. Probably causes confusion when we blog about them though.

    Cute pouch and pincushion. Not long till your holidays now.

  2. I think you are a zip expert!! I love my pouch, I have been busy filling it this morning. I worry about the effects of teenagers on my language. Laters Miss.

  3. I love the fabrics in that pouch! I prefer Father Christmas too but Santa has definitely taken over. I think 'pictures' is just so lovely, I hope it catches on and I totally agree they ARE biscuits!!

  4. Your pouch turned out lovely! I want to try one today : )

  5. Lovely pouch and so is the pincushion :) doorstepped... never heard of it! we say biscuits... i associate cookies with the cookie monster! :)