Saturday, February 22, 2014

Circle Game Progress

My February blocks (aka blocks 3 and 4) are ready for the trapezoids. One more than the other. The centre of the first block below is tricky. I tried appliqueing a circle over the centre but it didn't sit well. So I am leaving it at the moment and moving on. 

I am working out a few tricks to streamline these blocks. The prep is quite time consuming and while quilting isn't a speed sport, some days I feel like sewing rather than tracing, cutting, ironing, re-cutting and then re-ironing. I am getting better at cutting many freezer paper pieces at once.

This week I heard from Emma who is also working on Circle Game. But Emma and her friend Janet are machine piecing the blocks. That would take some patience, a lot of perfect seams and perseverance!

It's been very warm this week. It's always like this in Auckland - January really average and when we go back to school summer kicks in for Feb and March. Currently, humidity is 95% ... it's got to rain soon! 


  1. I really like the geometric look of the second block, and admire your patience with this work. Every February I ask myself why I live in Auckland - unbearable. At least it did rain eventually (and we are not suffering with the snow and floods of the northern hemisphere).

  2. They look amazing! Totally worth all that prep!

  3. I do like these blocks, they look great! ( how big are they?) And I luv your fabric choices! Linda

  4. Ugh the humidity is a killer! The breeze today is helpful :) Great blocks, the prep is worth it! but know how you feel...sometimes it does seem endless!

  5. What a challenging block! Good on you : )