Sunday, March 23, 2014

One Armed Shirts

My sister-in-law asked me if I would make baby Lucy a couple of long sleeved winter shirts. I quite like sewing for Lucy so said, "Of course." I had Oliver and S's Music Class Shirt and Skirt pattern on the shelf just waiting.

I haven't used an Oliver and S pattern before. I am pleased the pattern is printed on slightly thicker tissue than that yukky brown tissue the likes of Simplicity and Butterick are printed on.

I read on someone's blog that when she wants to make say five shirts, she cuts out all the pieces and then does step one on the first shirt, the second shirt, etc. The blogger says it saves time. So I cut out enough for two shirts. My test shirts really. My sister-in-law is still choosing material.

They are certainly not quick shirts to make - although I reckon the short sleeve version would save hours!

My favourite part of the shirts are the pin tucks.

My least favourite part of the process is the sleeve placket. It is super-fiddly.

Anyway, I am about 75% done. I would be almost done if I hadn't cut the sleeve placket in the same place for the left and right hand sleeve. Ack. Fortunately, the required 1 meter of fabric the pattern calls for is quite generous, so I have enough for another sleeve.

Not sure how wintery looking these fabrics are. I just thought they were pretty. Both from Spotlight. One only $6 a metre.


  1. Wow, that looks like fiddly sewing! The shirts look very pretty.

  2. Super-cute! I loved making Oliver + S clothes for Hazel, they're fun. Actually, I have a bunch I can't use anymore as she's much too big - would you like them?

  3. Oh these are simply gorgeous Karyn! Love the fabric - a bit of hapoy in the winter is alright by me!

  4. I think I'd adapt the pattern so it didn't have a cuff, just shirring elastic an inch from the edge so that the 'cuff'' is a frill. But you have made a lovely job of them well done

  5. HI Karyn -- your shirts are coming out beautifully. Patience is a virtue isn't it ? You're doing a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing with us. Karen