Saturday, March 29, 2014

One Shirt and One Fox

After a week of mistake after mistake the first shirt is finished.

I decided to use domes rather than make buttonholes - thinking that would be tidier. But then I sewed all the domes on wrong side up so had to unpick them all. And because the buttons were attached to the domes, they all came off too.

Today it all came together and it is now in the mail to baby Lucy. If it fits, I will be finishing the other flowery one and making a third with the fabric my sister-in-law sent me during the week.

The fox is closer to being done, although I am out of essex linen so until more arrives, it is sitting in the half done pile!

I plan to add one more light x block under his nose to finish it off and then I want to add an 8" border of essex linen around the whole thing. It will end up about 48 x 48", 122 x 122cm. Not sure if that's a particularly useful size, but if you are only three and a quarter you will fit under it or perhaps hang it on your bedroom wall.


  1. I love mr fox - he's awesome. And plenty big enough for a very little person to snuggle under.

  2. Fox is fantastic - I can see that technique used for all sorts of things - I guess it's the perfect cross stitch / quilting cross over! And I'm impressed with the shirt - you won't see me doing anything like that :-)

  3. So keen to try that linen! The fox is looking fantastic and the shirt - adorable! Love it Karen!