Monday, May 19, 2014


I had a productive weekend. I got all four quilts squared up and I made and sewed down one edge of the binding.

I had some Silent Cinema left over from this 2011 quilt, so used it.

I decided to use the blue-grey of the background in this binding with a few pieces of the brighter blue added for colour.

This quilt forced me to visit Ribbon Rose where I was very tempted by the Kaffe purple with red spots, but went with this black and white-grey egg fabric instead.

And for the bee trees, I was going to go with brown but the only big enough piece of brown I had in the stash was too red. As I was cutting off the excess batting and backing, I thought 'why not just use this?' So I did.


  1. What a good feeling to get that many quilts to that stage!

  2. Looks like you have lots of handstitching the bindings down ahead of you now. Can't wait to see the all at show and tell.

  3. Sounds VERY productive. I hope you have some good movies : )

  4. So exciting to be at this stage! You'll have them all finished in no time.

  5. Very productive - and oh so close to the finish line!

  6. Look at you being all industrious! Will we see them all Monday week? :-)