Thursday, May 1, 2014

Circle Game Progress

I have had a super-productive holiday with my Circle Game quilt-in-progress.

Before the end of term, I got the two 'April' blocks sorted and added to the quilt. One was puffy and not sitting flat so I cut out a 10" freezer paper circle and re-sized it black to that. It meant cutting the tips off a couple of points, but at least it sits flat and I am sure when it's all together, it's not going to be that noticeable!

And when I wasn't playing snap ("I've got Bottomley Potts covered in spots." "I've got Scarface Claw the toughest in town." etc) or go  fish ("You've got to say, 'Oh no!'"), or reading Richard Scarry, 10 Little Chicks, or The Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, or listening to the old 45 record/books - Scuffy the Tugboat and Circus Time are the current favourites - or playing golf on the lawn or playing on the swing, I made progress with the 'May' and 'June' blocks.

I am still to add the centre to that last block above. I think they all flow together well. The only sewing I am allowing myself today is to attach these four blocks to the other 8.

I also made a third shirt for Baby Lucy (whose words include please, boots, eyes and tractor). I cut out some equilateral triangles but need to cut some more to make a decent sized quilt.

PS The fox quilt went down well. It's been used every night, and every morning the soft toys get wrapped up in it.

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  1. Lovely feedback on the fox quilt! Love these circle blocs... Looking very promising!

  2. These curved blocks are amazing! Just gorgeous

  3. You have been busy! When I look closely... there's such alot of work in each one, they are delightful! L

  4. Wow, incredible work! I love the colours.

  5. Such a happy quilt. It will be fabulous when all of the blocks are done.