Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bag Making with 'Soft and Stable'

I purchased some 'soft and stable' a few weeks ago with Adrienne's bag tutorial in mind. The weeks have flown by and still no bag. However, I visited Designer Textiles' Outlet in Otara again in the weekend and found some fabric and handle making supplies. In fact I started by finding the webbing/tape for the handles before the fabric. They have a huge selection of webbing/tape and some as cheap as 50 cents a metre. (And if you - Aucklanders - are ever after lace or elastic or other trims, I don't think you can go wrong by starting there.)

Anyway, after accidentally cutting the wrong corner off the first bag it ended up a bit shorter than I planned ... but you might never know by just looking at it.


Since I had a piece of 'soft and stable' left, I made a second bag. The annoying thing is that the piece/pack of 'soft and stable' I bought is too short for two deeper bags, so the second bag is as long as the 'soft and stable' that was left over from the first bag.


I like the clash of red and pink, and I may or may not in the near future also own a skirt from the navy flower diamond fabric. I will never wear the skirt and use the bag at the same time, however.

So yes, they stand up with 'soft and stable' and I suppose it might make them a little more rugged, but I am not sure I love the padded-ness of the bags I have made. It's good to try these things though.

I was pleased to finally find a use for the original 1960s central heating control boxes which are in every room in really clever places like the middle of the only wall without windows. What were they thinking?

Lucy the Cat and I competed for the sewing chair. Every time I got up, she jumped up on to it. Eventually she ended up on the ironing board (because I put her there out of the way) and then I wonder why my newly washed and ironed clothes have cat fur on them!


  1. I think the red and pick works really well -especially as the floral print already throws them together in all their clashy gloriousness. Nice bags.

  2. I've just bought some S&S as well - what size did you get? I was hoping to get at least 2 bags from the piece I have.

  3. I have only heard good things about this soft and sable business... will definitely have to give it a go sometime! Great totes :)

  4. I really love the diamond & red fabric... very vintage! Just been busy over the weekend making a nappy baby bag with my daughter, I'm keen to make another now just for me! Linda

  5. It's lovely .karyn. Soft and stable is a great product .