Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Moda Modern Building Block #1

Being the sewing nerd that I am, I spent my first day of the summer/Christmas school hols working on block one. There are maybe half a dozen of us from our Monday Modern group who have chosen to work on this quilt in a block of the month kind of way for 2015. At our final gathering of the year last week, we chose our first block ... block one.

I didn't quite realise how big it would be until I had to cut a square of the background at 19.25". I didn't have a piece big enough so had to buy more of that. Decided to buy lots more of the grey and white dot because a) I might use it as the background fabric in this quilt and b) I like it. The other fabrics came from the stash and that's how I plan to make this quilt - from the stash with maybe a blue and green theme.

It was interesting working with no instructions other than the picture provided in the cards. I am not sure a complete amateur would cope. I often made just one part of the block at a time to make sure I had cut and sewed it correctly.

I was most unsure about the size of the green triangles as they kind of overlap around the inner square of navy and white as you can best see in pic two. But in the official diagram you can see there is a bit of space between the inner square and the outer triangles.

Anyway, it was a good one to start with. It measure 35 x 36" and I think it would would make a lovely baby quilt on its own!

It's blowing an absolute easterly/northerly gale again today so no chance of outside photos as it may blow right off into the Tasman Sea. And just checking the met service for the wind direction, I see a severe thunderstorm watch has been put in place until 10 pm. Roll on Summer! Given it is rubbish weather, I might whip up one or two of the tiny 6" blocks from yesterday's off cuts.

PS Did the maths to see how big this quilt is going to be as I can't visualise inches. Turns out it's going to be 213 x 243cm when it's finished. Holy moly!


  1. Looks wonderful. I bought the pattern, but haven't decided on my fabric choices yet.

  2. So jealous you have managed to make a start already. I think the grey dot would make a lovely background to unite all the blocks. I have seen other comments online about the green triangles, so I think it is supposed to be that way. It sure is a good day for staying home and sewing today.

  3. Beautiful block! I just ordered this kit as a project to work on over the break. The idea of working on it as a block of the month is a great idea. Hoping i can understand the instructions.

  4. Wow - that is huge. My sister gave me the patterns for our swap - we are contemplating it as a sister QAL next year.

  5. Haha nerd away! Well done for making a start and enjoying it so far!