Sunday, January 25, 2015

Moda Modern #5 and 6

As you may already know our Monday Modern group is working our way through the Moda Modern Building Blocks this year. Kind of like a block of the month, but as Liz pointed out if we want to get it done in a year, it's more like a block of the week.

Anyway, January's blocks are 2, 5 and 6. 2 is another biggie and I have heard reports it's nightmarish and needs starch. I did not feel like challenging sewing yesterday afternoon, so I avoided #2 and did the easy jobs first.

#5 went a little astray. I sewed the hsts in the wrong direction. Oh well, it all fits together. I am deliberately using what I have on the shelves rather than buying more fabric. I am not being precious about shades of green next to each other as it's going to be a big, big quilt where small fabric choices really won't stand out.

I then sewed 5 and 6, to #1 to get some sense of progress.

I would like to add more dark blue fabric to the next blocks.

I have had a 7 hour school work day today, in preparation for the staff only days this week, so I can start on #2 tomorrow. I will be sure to buy starch with the groceries in the morning (-:


  1. I really like how you created a totally different block 5 by accident - it is a cool looking block.

  2. I've sewed so many triangles together the wrong way already and I've only done a few blocks! Yours looks nice though, you wouldn't even know to look at it.