Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Summer Sewing Update - Dresses for Lucy

Getting stuck into the list was postponed as I was distracted by pretty dress sewing. I made Lucy-the-niece two Heidi and Finn Pintuck Dresses before Christmas.

She won't wear them. I ask, "Lucy, where are you new dresses?" She says, "Too hot." And then she says, "T-shirt," as she points to her tummy. Hmm. I think they are very cute and they were pretty simple to make too.

I also made my cousin Kell's 3 month old a tunic/dress using Ginger Baby's Plum Pudding Dress pattern.

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  1. Oh dear.. but they are such sweet little dresses! I know from my granny experiences that 'Little Ones' can be so very certain on the daily choosing of clothes thou' ! Linda