Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Meow Quilt - an Update

I got this far with this one before the new year and then I didn't have enough fabric to finish the top and bottom corners.

I found this quilt very slow going because I couldn't visualise which way each little hst had to go, so I had to stop and compare each piece of the quilt with a previous block. And the linen was as shifty as. Never again! However, I was pleased to get it this far. (I did fix one of the two mistakes in one block at this point!)

I have since visited whatever Global Fabrics in Newmarket is called these days for some more linen. Not a perfect match but one that's close enough. Do they have the worst carpark in Auckland?

I am now this far and need to do some unpicking because I didn't cut two corners big enough. Argh, I will be very glad to pass this one over to Carol the quilter.


  1. The Fabric Store and yes it IS the worst car park in Auckland. The number of times I've circled the block waiting for one and then nervously manoevering into it. But you really feel like you've accomplished something when it's over! Love the quilt but I recommend the Essex linen next time, because you're right, real linen is a bitch to sew!

  2. Love the look of linen, but yes a horror to sew. I have never been to that fabric shop, I think it is the getting there, then having to park that puts me off. Will look great when it is finished.

  3. It looks fabulous! You'll be so thrilled to have it done - I will be interested to see how she quilts it!

  4. I love this! The blue with linen combo is very pretty... shame it was so tricky to sew. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt! Linda

  5. I cant wait to see how it looks when it's done - It's gorgeous so far so go you for persevering!