Sunday, February 8, 2015

Moda Modern Building Blocks #3, 15, 16 and 16 again

Big block #3 is done. It measures 30" x 30".

I don't like block 3 as much as 1 or 2. So far out of the bigger blocks #1 is my favourite.

I have also made block 15 -

And 16 -

I quite like them both. 16 was super quick to whip up. It is weird though because from the dark and dotty blues you have to cut a 13.25" square which you then cut into quarters. Am I going to use the other three cut quarters somewhere else? If I am not, why couldn't I cut a smaller square in half? Anyway, I made another block using some of the left over triangles from this one - 

And given I still have two giant triangles cut, I might make more of these blocks in place of some 6" blocks. 

Block #4 is next on the list.

As I have said before, most of our Modern Monday group is working through these in the same order. Jacqui took this great panorama back in January -

You can see further progress in our flickr pool.


  1. Your block 3 looks so fresh-like a granny smith apple. Love it.

  2. Karyn - I find a lot of patterns seem to be quite wasteful with the fabrics and I agree that only using one triangle out of 4 for the dark fabric seems silly. But, there was a good reason for not simply cutting the square in half - you would then have a bias on the edge of your square which could cause some problems. You could have cut a rectangle and chopped the corners off which would have wasted less. So far, I am really enjoying the growth of everyone's quilts. I love that each chosen colour combination yields a very different look. A little sad that I didn't join in.

  3. It's amazing how one pattern can look so different with the fabric choices.

  4. Looking good Karyn.. I love the background print in #15! Amazing really how different they all look! I'm busy making more blocks this week, but I must admit, the bigger blocks aren't my favourite, hopefully it'll all be fine in the end! Linda

  5. Cannot wait to see all of these come together - all the same and all completely different!

  6. I've just started this thing and began with #3. It's not particularly enjoyable, but I'll endure and move on to more fun blocks! Yours looks just great, BTW.